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At Selah Family Dentistry we offer a wide range of restorative dentistry procedures, including dental implant, crowns and bridges, dentures, inlays and onlays and many more. Learn more about our restorative services.



A dental bridge is an option to replace one or more missing teeth. The bridge is secured to the teeth on either side of the missing tooth and is cemented into place, i.e. not removable like a partial denture. The bridge is very strong and can be chewed on like natural teeth. Dental bridges often last many years (often much longer than a decade) and require little additional maintenance than natural teeth. In most cases you can receive your bridge in a single visit!

Crowns with CEREC

Crowns are used to restore missing tooth structure and provide greater support for teeth at risk of fracturing. Teeth that are cracked, decayed, or weakened by large fillings are carefully prepared to preserve their function. Selah Family Dentistry takes special care to make sure any dental treatment you receive looks and feels natural. We use the latest in Digital Technology to fabricate your crown in only a few hours with CEREC. Gone are the days of having goopy, horrible tasting impressions and worrying about a temporary coming off. Selah Family Dentistry can create a crown that fits your teeth and mouth precisely, and maintain your comfort throughout the process. We use many specific protocols to decrease the risk of sensitivity both during and after the appointment.


Selah Family Dentistry uses “tooth colored” composite fillings to restore teeth with cavities, chipping or notching, and to replace old amalgam “silver” fillings. We not only use composite fillings to correct cavities in newly damaged teeth, we can also replace your old amalgam fillings for a younger looking, healthier smile.

The longevity of your restoration is approximately 10 to 15 years and in many case much longer. Of course a healthy diet, regular checkups, brushing and flossing are a must. At times a small problem can develop around the fillings that, when detected at an early stage, can be easily repaired. Waiting for a longer time to repair may require a new filling or an indirect filling (onlay or crown). It is a safe, affordable and attractive solution for many dental problems.

Inlays and Onlays

Inlays and onlays are often referred to as partial crowns. They use the existing tooth as a base and then the inlay or onlay replaces the damaged or missing parts tooth. This is done to strengthen the tooth, restore its shape and prevent further damage. An inlay is done when there is no damage to the cusps of the tooth and the inlay can be placed right into the center tooth. An onlay is used when the damage is a little more extensive and involves one or more tooth cusps. Your tooth will look natural as our inlays and onlays are non-metal, tooth-colored ceramic.

Make Over / Reconstruction

Is your smile tired, excessively worn, or you are constantly chipping, fracturing and breaking teeth? We offer complete solutions from big to small to keep your smile shining bright. Harnessing the power of CEREC, we are able to change your smile for the better in as little as one appointment. Schedule a consult today.

Root Canals

Root canal therapy is a procedure performed to relieve pain and sensitivity associated with infection of the nerves and blood vessels found in the center of the tooth. Infected nerve tissue is removed, the canal is cleaned and disinfected, and then sealed with a dental material. Teeth that have undergone root canal therapy often require a crown which will protect the remaining tooth structure and prevent any fractures. If left untreated, infection can lead to a painful abscess and loss of supporting bone around the tooth. Root canal therapy can relieve you of pain caused by infection and allow you to enjoy your favorite foods without any pain or sensitivity from heat or cold. At Selah Family Dentistry we make sure that start to finish your root canal will be a pain-free experience.



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Modern dental care is designed to keep people healthy. We seek to educate and empower patients so they can avoid problems and costly solutions. By working together with our patients, we help make it possible to learn the little things that people can do to get healthy and stay healthy.


Cancer Screening

Selah Family Dentistry is not only dedicated to your smile, we’re also dedicated to your overall wellness. All regular exams include an oral cancer screening. Like many kinds of cancer, oral cancer can be life-threatening if not diagnosed and treated early.

We look for early signs and symptoms of oral cancer and precancerous conditions. While these symptoms may be caused by other, less serious problems, it is very important to visit our office to rule out the possibility of oral cancer. The most common symptoms of oral cancer include:

  • Red, white spots or sores anywhere in the oral cavity

  • A sore that bleeds easily or does not heal

  • A lump, thickening, or rough spot in the mouth or on the tongue

  • Pain, tenderness, or numbness anywhere in the mouth or on the lips

  • Difficulty chewing, swallowing, speaking, or moving the jaw or tongue

Intraoral Camera

The intraoral camera is an amazing diagnostic tool for viewing different angles in the mouth at high magnification. The camera gives us the ability to view the entire mouth on a monitor so that we can get a closer look at any potential issues or problems that may arise. In addition, the patient will have the ability to see for themselves first hand the same images we are seeing. These digital images are also excellent for gaining procedure acceptance from insurance companies.

Oral Hygiene

To ensure that you maintain great oral health, this level of quality needs to extend into your personal oral hygiene routine. We can help you establish a customized dental hygiene routine that will keep your teeth healthy and white. If you have any questions about your current hygiene plan, please ask us during your next appointment.

Periodontal Care

Gum disease, also known as periodontal disease, is an infection of the gums and bone surrounding your teeth. Gum disease is one of the top reasons for tooth loss in adults, and because it is virtually pain-free, many patients do not know they have the disease until bone-loss has already occurred. During each regular checkup, your dentist will check for signs of periodontal disease by measuring the space between your teeth and gums.

Gum disease is caused by a buildup of plaque (a sticky form of bacteria that forms on the teeth). If the plaque is not removed it will continue to build-up and create toxins that can damage the gums. Remember to brush regularly, clean between your teeth, eat a balanced diet and schedule regular dental visits to help keep your smile healthy. During your next appointment ask us about the factors, symptoms and treatment for periodontal disease.


Your children brush twice a day so why do they still get small cavities? We know that getting to the crevices in the back molars and premolars is nearly impossible for little, untrained hands and sometimes even for adults!. Selah Family Dentistry can include sealants in your child’s dental plan. Sealants are a noninvasive, preventive tooth-decay treatment that protects teeth and keeps them healthy while they mature and strengthen. The procedure for applying sealants is simple, painless, fast, and takes only one visit.



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At Selah Family Dentistry we are committed to making sure all our pediatric patients feel comfortable and we work hard to foster a positive attitude towards dental care that will last a lifetime.

We know you’re doing great as a parent and we want to help you in those efforts. At Selah Family Dentistry we encourage parents to start good oral hygiene, between 0 to 3 months, by gently wiping your child’s gums with a soft, clean and moist cloth.

In most children the first tooth erupts between four and six months which means it’s time to schedule their first dental appointment, as well as daily brushing. We will review your child’s exposure to fluoride and customize a plan to ensure your child isn’t at increased risk for cavities. By age two, the child should be well on his or her way to a full set of teeth and self brushing can start, but we always encourage parents to follow up with re-brushing



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Selah Family Dentistry offers a wide variety of dental services. Learn more about our dental services we provide our patients.


Selah Family Dentistry is proud to use CEREC, an advanced, all-digital, dental technology, that is utilized for the restoration of decayed, cracked, or chipped teeth. CEREC creates full crowns, inlays, onlays and veneers. The CEREC machine crafts a beautiful and strong restoration in a matter of minutes. The most beneficial feature of receiving a CEREC restoration is that it is accomplished in one-visit. In addition to the benefit of a one visit restoration, there is no uncomfortable impression material to bite on or temporary to wear.


Tooth extractions are done in a safe and comfortable environment at Selah Family Dentistry. While no-one wants to have a tooth removed, we try to make the process as quick and painless as possible. We offer oral conscious sedation and specialized monitoring equipment to ease your anxiety and make dental extractions pain-free and safe.


Many people are afflicted with bruxism, or teeth grinding. Some people may do this consciously during the day, but it is a larger problem at night while you are asleep. Grinding your teeth can damage enamel, wear down teeth, flatten your smile, cause jaw pain and/or irritate your gums. If you grind your teeth, a night guard should be considered. The night guard, which is similar to, but much smaller than, a mouth guard worn by athletes, provides a barrier between your top and bottom teeth while you sleep. All night guards are custom fitted for comfort and to allow for proper breathing.

Sleep Apnea

Do you or a loved one suffer from intense snoring, morning headaches, fatigue, or gasping during sleep? You or your loved one could be experiencing a dangerous medical condition known as sleep apnea. Many Americans are affected by the most common form of sleep apnea known as Obstructive Sleep Apnea or OSA. This condition causes a person to actually stop breathing while they are sleeping and has been known to cause serious health conditions and be potentially life threatening.

Oral appliances are the most commonly accepted method for treating sleep apnea and are a great alternative to a CPAP mask or surgical treatment. The appliance fits in the mouth like a mouth guard or orthodontic retainer and prevents airway obstruction by repositioning the lower jaw and soft tissue. This can reduce or eliminate snoring and allows the patient to sleep through the night with no airway blockage. At Selah Family Dentistry we typically customize a device which will help you get a better night’s sleep.


TMJ / TMD can be caused by stress, trauma, clenching, or teeth grinding. Some of the symptoms of TMD are:

  • Pain when opening or closing mouth

  • Trouble chewing

  • Jaw becoming stuck open or shut

  • Headaches or ear pain

  • Clicking or popping sounds when opening your mouth

  • Teeth-grinding

If you suspect you may have TMJ / TMD come in for a consultation. We can help with a diagnosis and provide relief for your symptoms. Pain relievers and hot/cold compresses are short term methods to provide relief for pain symptoms, but sometimes a night guard can be used to help prevent or lessen the effects of teeth-grinding and clenching at night.



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A missing tooth is more than a cosmetic annoyance. The gaps created by missing teeth can compromise a patient’s ability to eat and speak correctly, and can allow adjacent teeth to shift their positioning. If you are missing a tooth or teeth, it is important to fill the gap to prevent further damage to your mouth.

Whether it is to replace a single tooth, or to create a full mouth of secure permanent new teeth, implants are a proven, long-lasting alternative to bridges and dentures. In fact, a dental implant with correct hygiene could very well last a lifetime because it is impervious to cavities! Acting as substitute roots, dental implants bond with the bone to form a stable foundation for permanent replacement teeth that look, feel, and function like natural teeth. Our results are consistent, predictable, exceptional and look natural. Dr. Labrum has extensive training in the digital restoration of implants and is a member of the American Society of Implant and Reconstructive Dentistry.

Before and after teeth implants

Exams And Cleanings

Exams And Cleanings

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The health of your teeth and mouth is very important to the well-being of your entire body, and while routine brushing and flossing at home is necessary to keep your smile looking its best, Selah Family Dentistry’s comprehensive exam and cleaning is essential. The American Dental Association recommends that you visit your dentist every six months to ensure your teeth stay healthy and your smile stays beautiful.

Your hygienist will carefully clean, floss, use a polishing compound and apply fluoride to your teeth. Cleanings usually aren’t painful, but if you have any anxiety about your dental exam, be sure to let your hygienist know. During your exam, we will thoroughly examine your teeth and if there is a need, take X-rays to see what is happening beneath the surface of your teeth and gums.



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Dentures are natural-looking replacement teeth that are removable. There are two types of dentures — full and partial.

Consider your replacement teeth to be the same as natural teeth. They require the same daily brushing and flossing, and the same amount of regular checkups. Just like your natural teeth, the better you take care of your replacements, the longer they will last.

Full Dentures

Full dentures are given to patients when all of the natural teeth have been removed. Conventional full dentures are placed after the gum tissue has healed and can sometimes be seated at date of natural tooth removal.

Partial Dentures

Partial dentures are attached to a gum-colored nylon or metal frame that is connected to your natural teeth and are used to fill in where permanent teeth have been removed. Partial dentures are considered a removable alternative to fixed bridges.



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Cosmetic Dentistry is a term which can be applied to any service aimed at creating a positive change for your teeth, your smile, and/or your overall oral health. Although for many, the term “cosmetic dentistry” brings to mind specific procedures such as tooth whitening or veneers — the talented team at Selah Family Dentistry strives to provide much more. We help improve our patient’s confidence and oral health by not only improving appearances and smiles — but also by restoring chewing and speaking functionality. We work with our patients to understand their individual goals, improve their self confidence, and help them feel hopeful about their dental future. Selah Family Dentistry offers a wide range of cosmetic dentistry services to our patients. The appearance of your smile and the health of your teeth are important to us.

Teeth Whitening

Whitening or bleaching is a safe and non-invasive cosmetic procedure. Teeth can be lightened individually or all together to enhance your smile. Our in-office whitening is a safe, fast and effective way to brighten your smile in an hour! We also offer at-home whitening kits with custom trays fabricated especially for your teeth. The trays allow your teeth, but not your gums, to come in contact with the whitening solution. This provides a safe and effective way to brighten your smile. A beautiful smile can affect your life professionally and socially and Selah Family Dentistry is ready to help you.

Make Over / Reconstruction

Is your smile tired, excessively worn, or you are constantly chipping, fracturing and breaking teeth? We offer complete solutions from big to small to keep your smile shining bright. Harnessing the power of CEREC, we are able to change your smile for the better in as little as one appointment. Schedule a consult today.


You no longer need to hide your smile because of gaps, chips, stains, or misshapen teeth. With veneers, you can easily correct your teeth’s imperfections to help you have a more confident, beautiful smile. Veneers are natural in appearance and are a perfect option for patients wanting to make minor adjustments to the look and feel of their smile. Veneers are thin, custom-made shells made from tooth-colored materials designed to cover the front of your teeth. With CEREC technology, many times this treatment can be started and finished in only a few hours! When your veneers are placed, you’ll be pleased to see that they look attractive and natural.