Implants are quickly becoming the most popular option for replacing missing teeth. They provide many benefits over traditional bridges, which link teeth together, or partial dentures that have to be taken in and out.

At Selah Family Dentistry, we take a digital approach to provide safe, fast, and effective implant therapy. We harness the power of digital impressions with advanced 3D imaging to allow us to plan and place many implants in as little as a single visit. By doing all of our implant placements fully-guided we are able to ensure a safe, high-quality result; all while reducing costs and making implants more affordable.

Implants can be used to replace single missing teeth or many teeth, they can also be used to stabilize and retain poorly fitting dentures. Learn more about implants and give us a call at 509-728-9577 to schedule your implant consultation!

Implant x-ray