Hey in case you hadn’t noticed it’s about to be the year 2020. That sounds so futuristic doesn’t it? Honestly, it seems like we should be living more like the Jetson’s by now. Like a vacation home on Mars should be a thing, right? Ok, maybe that’s a little far-fetched, but in a lot of aspects we are living like the Jetson’s, aren’t we? Most people can talk to their robot “Alexa” and she will turn on the lights, pre heat the oven, set a timer, do your shopping. It’s incredible how far technology has come, even in just the last 20 years.  

In the world of dentistry things have come a long way too. In fact, just this last year our office was able to incorporate 3D imaging into our practice. Almost all of our new patients get to experience this awesome technology. This type of imaging is essential, especially for our patients who are interested in dental implant options. This technology allows Dr. Labrum to map out your facial structures and obtain very intricate measurements of these areas. Measurements that are important when deciding where to place an implant and how many. Cone beam imaging (also called 3D imaging) is especially useful in deciding if you would be a good candidate for in office implant placement, which could save you time and money.  

We have also incorporated new Mouthwatch intraoral cameras into each of our operatories. Dr. Labrum uses them often during exams, to help patients get a better idea of what he is looking at in their mouth. For many, this helps them to understand the severity of their recommended treatment, so they can make a more educated decision on how they might like to proceed with scheduling. Intraoral imaging is also useful in helping your insurance to understand why they should pay for your treatment. It’s a great tool we use when insurance tries to give our patients the run a around.  We do our very best to ensure that each and every patient we see has a full understanding of their dental care, so we are very excited to share our new educational tools with you. 


With all that being said we also wanted to do a short recap of some major events in our lives, for those who may have missed a few things. So, in no particular order here is our year in review. 

  • Brittany and her husband Nick welcomed a baby girl in late October, who is named Kelley Lynn. 
  • Gina has had a lot going on! Her son Dylan graduated from dental school and got married, and her husband Ken was ranked 8th in the WORLD over the summer in the CrossFit Games!  
  • We added a new assistant to our team, and we think she is amazing! Her name is Cheyenne. 
  • Erika’s daughter Nikki recently graduated from nursing school and landed her dream job! 
  • Kristina got a dog and quickly became the animal lover we all knew she could be; his name is Oliver and he is a 49ers fan. You should see him in his jersey. 
  • Katie’s son Brenden joined the Marines and is now stationed overseas. We are all incredibly proud of him.  
  • Dr. Labrum won a legitimate beard contest and was apparently voted best of the “Business Class.”  
  • We also got to host a meet and greet with Santa and we met our new friend Krystle the elf on the shelf.  

2019 has been a great year for us, and we hope 2020 will only bring more fun! Thank you to all of our patients for allowing us to be part of your family, we look forward to seeing you all in 2020! Happy New Year!