The number one question we are getting from patients right now is “What insurance am I supposed to choose?”. Realistically, you can choose any one you want but its hard to know whats going to be the best one for you. The reason we get asked this so often is because we make it a point to educate our patients on their dental benefits. Our patients know that we can help them pick the best plan for them. There are so many different kinds of coverage to choose from and one might be more beneficial for your needs than another.

Right now in Washington, it’s open enrollment season for teachers. Yes, ALL teachers in Washington state will be getting new dental insurance. Previously, all school districts had different insurance plans depending on what they were offered. But now, all teachers will be offered three options for dental coverage and the one they choose will greatly effect their dental future. Have no fear Selah Family Dentistry is here! -Cue the dramatic entrance music- We’ve already done all the hard work for you. We know what plans you will be offered and we are more than happy to educate you on what the outcome will be, depending on which insurance you choose. Our goal is to take care of our patients and one way we do that is by going the extra mile to make things a little easier for them.

We’re focusing on teachers right now because they have some big changes coming up in their future, but really we are here to help with ANY insurance change or question you might have. Maybe your job is looking into new dental plans and you want to know how that will effect you. We can help with that. If you are planning to retire and you need help deciding what plan is going to give you more bang for your buck. We can help with that too. All you have to do is call!

We know insurance can be a tough thing to navigate so for all the teachers, we’re going to make this easy. If you prefer to choose your own dentist or you want to continue to see your current provider, you will want to pick the Uniform Dental Plan. The other two plans being offered are both “Managed Care Plans” this means they decide who your dentist will be, weather you like them or not. One managed care plan is provided through Delta Care (not to be confused with Delta Dental) and the other is called Willamette Dental. Therefore, you’ll want to be sure you pay close attention to the plan you pick. If you are a Selah School District employee, you will notice that the benefits on the new plans being offered may not be as good as what you once had. That’s because what you had previously was what Kristina likes to call a “Unicorn Plan” meaning there just aren’t too many of them out there and the coverage is insanely good. The new plan through Uniform Dental is great coverage though, and it’s more typical of what we would expect from standard dental insurance plans. Think, Unicorn Vs. Race Horse.

In any regard we want to make sure you pick the plan that best suits your needs. So, if you have questions please feel free to call us anytime during business hours and one of our insurance “experts” will be happy to help you out. Don’t let dental insurance get you down you have enough to worry about let us work for you!